To promote and make their companies more visible, many large groups have understood that they need to allocate a good budget to advertising goodies. Nevertheless, to be sure to reach the objective aimed by the distribution of these advertising objects, it is necessary to know not only how to choose them according to their recipients, but also and especially how to distribute them. Find out the tips often recommended for a successful distribution of advertising goodies. 

What meaning should you give to your promotional items?

Corporate gifts are nothing more than articles or objects (pens, bags, diaries, etc.) generally offered to customers without financial consideration. These items often bear the name, logo, and sometimes a message of the brand that offers it. From this point of view, there are several sites like which propose the realization of interesting corporate goodies. The advertising objects are intended to highlight a brand and boost its image among customers. They are supposed to please and make the brand constantly visible to people who will use the object. The promotional gifts are thus generally used within the framework of a promotional marketing operation of a brand or to attract and retain customers.

Why distribute promotional items?

The success of a commercial company is mainly based on the efficiency of the means that its managers implement to build customer loyalty. Being well appreciated by its customers is a good start. A satisfied customer is a free ambassador gained by your brand. The advertising objects are thus an effective channel of visibility and increase of your turnover. A satisfied customer, feeling important in the eyes of the company, and to whom is still offered corporate gifts and quality service will not be able to do without your brand. He will not fail to praise the merits of your company to his friends and relatives. They will come to you, thus creating a considerable mass of potential customers for the company. With original and beautiful corporate goodies, you are well on your way to building customer loyalty. It is therefore necessary to choose your promotional items by taking into account your target and its needs. Your relationship with your old and new customers will be well nourished thanks to the promotional gifts and this will have a positive impact on your sales and your turnover.

What strategies to adopt for a good distribution of goodies?

You need to have a clear idea of when and how to distribute your goodies in order to achieve the desired objective.

Hand delivery

This involves distributing the goodies on special occasions. Thus, the objects are directly given to customers during a professional meeting or as end-of-year gifts. This method of distribution of advertising objects works within the framework of the business gift.

Distribution via direct mail or postal mailing

It is about sending your corporate gifts directly to the mailbox of your customers. This method is recommended if you have a database of customers or if you decide to target new customers. You can also decide to use companies specialized in the distribution of objects to send your corporate goodies.

Distribution at a corporate event

Goodies are good for sales people who want to start a discussion for a presentation of the company, its products or services. A trade show is the perfect place to share your promotional items and attract new prospects to your point of sale. In addition to trade shows, you can also distribute your goodies at the entrance or exit of a concert, a sporting event or during a party.

Sales promotion

Indeed, it is common to hear sales people offering a product for every 2 purchased. Why not offer a promotional item instead of the third purchase? This allows you to give value to your advertising objects. Thus, with your business objects, customers will be much more delighted to have, in addition to their purchases, valuable objects useful in everyday life.