The holidays are coming up and this is probably the best time to think about giving gifts to your customers as a thank you for their loyalty. But, to show your gratitude, you can also choose other times.  The question is, which gift to give and what criteria to use?

Offering a corporate gift: the criteria to take into account

The corporate gift is a classic that always delights customers. However, it must meet certain criteria. First and foremost, customer gifts must perpetuate and correspond to the company's brand image. Some managers use them as a real means of communication. This is certainly the case of an advertising pen that can be used for a longer period of time. Then, the gifts can also be personalized to please and move away the conventions. For example, you can choose gift boxes such as a voucher or a telephone subscription. Finally, gifts for customers must correspond to your financial capacities. To offer a gift to a customer taking into account this last criterion, you can notably bet on a customer gift idea that can be personalized according to your budget.

The most popular customer gifts for companies

Some customer gifts are more appreciated than others by managers. This is the case of high-tech gifts such as tablets, cameras, solar desk lamps, or laptop sleeves, etc. Some companies also bet on organic gifts and offer more personalized wooden objects as corporate gifts. In addition, to please their customers, some companies prefer to offer culinary gifts such as wines, champagnes or chocolates. Some companies opt for a more original customer gift idea and offer gift cards.

When to offer a customer gift?

There are many occasions to offer customer gifts. This gesture can be done at the end of the year to thank customers for their loyalty. A corporate gift can also be offered to a regular customer to show your gratitude. A customer gift idea can also be considered in order to strengthen the partnership ties. For example, you can give a gift to your employee on a key date such as the beginning of a contract. Moreover, for all these occasions, you can offer high-tech gifts to build customer loyalty. Your gifts will be more personalized and will accentuate the image of your company.