Corporate goodies

What gift to offer for a retirement?

One of your oldest colleagues or co-workers is retiring soon. And, you wish to offer him a gift for this occasion. Finding the right gift to offer is never easy. It must be chosen according to the taste of the…

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What goodies to offer for a corporate event?

On the occasion of a professional event, it is customary to offer goodies to guests and visitors. They are used to advertise, to get more visibility and to boost the brand image of the company. But how to choose the…

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Top of the creative advertising objects

Nowadays, advertising objects are becoming an important part of the communication strategy of many companies. They are the most effective because they manage to quickly touch the hearts of customers. They guarantee a return on investment more than interesting. To…

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How to distribute your advertising goodies?

To promote and make their companies more visible, many large groups have understood that they need to allocate a good budget to advertising goodies. Nevertheless, to be sure to reach the objective aimed by the distribution of these advertising objects,…

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How to get your personalized kitchen apron quickly ?

Personalization of kitchen aprons is a practice widely adopted by food service professionals and food processing companies. It is indeed a way to dress employees with a uniform that ensures a high level of hygiene while conveying a message through…

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