In many companies, the works council often offers chocolate to colleagues and employees during parties and similar events. This sweet and refined delicacy remains trendy despite the diversity of products to offer as corporate gifts. Why is chocolate so popular in the professional world? What are the benefits for colleagues and collaborators?

Enjoy the exquisite taste of chocolate

Chocolate is a food made from the cocoa bean, and it has won the sympathy of entrepreneurs, businessmen and employees. Renowned chocolate makers say that chocolate is one of the most popular business gifts in Europe and even in the world. Works councils make the gift of chocolate a real ritual during parties and professional events. Among the reasons for the craze for the corporate chocolate box, there is first of all the exquisite flavor of this food resulting from the fermentation and roasting of the cocoa bean. The chocolate is tangy, slightly sweet and melts easily in the mouth. Each master chocolate maker has the talent to vary the taste of this confectionery. These variations are possible thanks to the flavors used, but also to the percentages of cocoa-based ingredients.

Chocolate to delight employees and their families

Chocolate is undoubtedly a delicious gift. Children can't resist it. When they see a box of chocolate, they can't hide their joy. This is one of the reasons why the works council tends to give chocolate to employees and colleagues. In the run-up to Christmas, companies organize parties where the employees' families are invited for the Christmas tree and the festivities. This is an opportunity to offer toys for the children, but also company chocolate boxes. Colleagues and employees are overjoyed to see the happiness of their family, especially the children.

Chocolate and its many health benefits

Dark chocolate and also other types of chocolate have many health benefits. Chocolate effectively fights stress and nervousness. It is rich in magnesium, vitamin B, vitamin E, provitamin A... This food product contains antioxidants that eliminate free radicals in the body and prevent various diseases including cancer. Chocolate also contains ingredients that maintain the cardiovascular system. To please the employees and partners, the Works Council will have to choose the chocolates to offer by consulting the catalog proposed by a famous chocolate maker. It will then have to define the assortment of chocolates to be included in the box and make an estimate. The delivery is quick once the estimate is accepted and signed by the Works Council.