In the streets, you may come across people wearing clothes with particular images or texts or a company logo. Nowadays, customizing clothes has become a fashion trend for both individuals and companies. This is done for a good cause: the notoriety and even the durability of the company. In the field of marketing, this technique allows to promote a service or a product. Indeed, it is a powerful tool to advertise, for most companies.

What are the different existing techniques to make the personalization?

There are different techniques to personalize a garment, namely embroidery on textile. The visual rendering is high end. It is the most appreciated for the companies of big brands. It is adaptable to all textiles such as t-shirts, polo shirts, caps.  The other technique concerns the screen printing on textile. It is widely used for most of the fashion manufacturing companies in quantity. The advantage of this method of personalization is that the personalized T-shirt can last longer and the cost of textile screen printing is very affordable. In addition, there is also the process called flocking or textile transfer. It is very useful for intricate parts like sleeves and collars as well as label areas. Screen printing is used to put numbers on sports team jerseys, i.e. to personalize sports jerseys and other professional clothing.  The last technique is digital transfer. This involves using a laser or inkjet printer to print a text message or image directly onto the desired medium. Basically, digital printing on textile consists in printing logos.

What are the advantages of a personalized T-shirt?

It is the extent of competition in all sectors that pushes companies to find a way to improve the visibility of their brand in the market. The personalization of a garment with a company logo is a fundamental marketing lever. It is a very effective way to attract new customers: a vector of loyalty that can improve your company's turnover. For a particular event, a personalized T-shirt can be a good gift for the guests. Here, it is used as part of a communication strategy, because the people who wear them will be a free advertisement for the company.

How to successfully personalize your tee shirt?

For a wholesale T-shirt order, there are different criteria to consider. First of all, the customized T-shirt must reflect the image of the company: color code, logo, slogan or other identification elements must be included. Then, you have to choose the style of the T-shirt: casual, v-neck, sportswear or unisex. Know that to make the personalization successful, the creation of a unique identity of the company is essential. It is therefore advisable to choose the colors, logos and image that will allow people to easily recognize the brand. It is the identity that will be printed on the personalized t-shirt. To have a good result, it is necessary to have an irreproachable textile quality like cotton. The latter is not only pleasant to the touch, but it also allows to have a good image with the general public. At the same time, the finishing touches must be impeccable. The same applies to the seams and threads, which must be tight. As far as possible, it is advisable to favor organic quality in order to have an ecological product as organic textiles contribute to the conservation of the environment.